Friday 9 November 2012

Showcasing the Creative Commons

This arresting poster reached me a couple of days ago and I thought it might be worth publicising it over the blog in the hope that some kind person who is attending the event might be persuaded to write up a report on the speakers and the ensuing discussion, as well as producing a film review.

There's something quite appealing about this event. Maybe it's because it reflects the fluidity and possibly even ambivalence that characterises the copyright scene today.  Creative Commons is variously portrayed as a means of releasing works from the shackles of copyright, as a means of asserting the right-owner's continuing interest in it, and as all sorts of other things in between.  Blender likewise treads the narrow path between sharing/caring community-building and respect for private economic and also moral rights.  The Pirate Party has also gone to some effort to sort what it regards as the wheat from the chaff in supporting some elements of existing copyright while rejecting others.

If you'd like to write this event up for this weblog, do let me know by email here.

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