Wednesday 30 April 2014

Going the distance: of Copyright and Kings

Percipient readers of the IPKat weblog will probably have spotted this blogger's affection for the King's College London Distance Learning programme on UK, EU and US copyright, which he expressed in an enthusiastic blogpost yesterday. To matters a little more into perspective, it should be explained that this blogger is enthusiastic about all courses that have the effect of raising the awareness of anyone, be they lawyers, students, businessmen or even curious bystanders, as to what it is that copyright can achieve, what it permits and why, warts and all, it can still encourage investment in the creation and publication of so much of that cultural and informational content that we avidly consume.

So why the King's course? It has been run before, with some success, so people who enrol needn't feel like guinea pigs.  It's flexible in that you can progress from the postgraduate Diploma to a part-time, distance Masters degree. The faculty consists of people who are experienced communicators with a deep knowledge of the subject -- and it gives you a chance to meet some interesting postmen see how multifaceted and nuanced the law and practice of copyright can be.

If you want further information, you can get it here.  There's no special price for blog readers, alas, but IBC -- who manage the event -- would be really and truly happy if anyone registering via this link would be so kind as to quote reference no. FKW123241709, since they are curious to find out how many of our readers can afford their prices are interested in pursuing postgraduate education without all the hassle of attending university (parties, discos, etc ...)

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