Wednesday 25 May 2016

Copyright Exceptions event tomorrow night

AIPPI UK has an event tomorrow evening with the fantastic title of "Copyright exceptions: Small Islands in the (c) of Rights".

The illustrious guest speaker is Professor Lionel Bently talking about copyright exceptions.  This is the trailer:

"The exceptions chapter of the CDPA has been changed in various ways since it was first enacted, partly in response to criticisms made in the Gowers and Hargreaves reviews. This talk will review the landscape, asking how far the exceptions introduced in 2014 meet the criticisms expressed over previous decades. To do so, attention will focus on the potential scope of the quotation and parody exceptions, as well as recent jurisprudence of the High Court on the reporting current events exception in the Fanatix case. Acknowledging that (Brexit apart) the scope of much of the law will fall to be determined eventually by the CJEU, the talk will reflect on changes in the approach taken by that Court to the interpretation of permissible exceptions in Article 5 of the Information Society Directive, and speculate as to whether (and what) further legislative change can be envisaged at the EU level."

Tickets (£25 for non-members) can be obtained from here.  

The talk starts at 6pm and is being hosted by GowlingsWLG (3 Waterhouse Square, 142 Holborn, London EC1N 2SW).  In case further inducement is required, there will be drinks until about 8 afterwards.  

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