Friday 24 February 2017

ITV loses Copyright Tribunal appeal

UK national broadcaster ITV has lost its appeal to the  High Court appeal against the 2016 Copyright Tribunal ruling that set rates for the current (2014-2017) period with PRS for Music, the collection society which represents composers, lyricists and music publishers in the United Kingdom. The Tribunal agreed that PRS could increase the tariff beyond the 2013 fee payment of £23 million per annum to a new base rate of £24 million for all ITV uses (including breakfast TV) adjusted by (a) BARB viewing figures for ITV during each year and (b) the percentage change in RPIJ (the RPI inflation measure). On appeal the High Court told ITV that the Tribunal  "had not made an error of law in reaching its decision".

Commenting on the decision, PRS Commercial Director Paul Clements said: "In June 2016, the copyright tribunal decided a dispute over the terms of ITV's broadcast licence in PRS For Music's favour. The tribunal decision set down clear and compelling reasons for an increase in the licence fee, reflecting the right value for our members' music". "While ITV chose to appeal this decision, I am pleased that the High Court has now rejected their arguments and upheld the original tribunal decision" adding "This result is very real evidence of our commitment to secure the right value for our members' work".

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