Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Two 'Talking Copyright' sessions at Brtish Black Music Month

Talking Copyright Conference: From A Left & Global South Perspective July 13, 6-8pm @ Houses Of

This conference aims to highlight perspectives that go beyond the concept of Copyright being a Eurocentric construct very much predicated on the creation by the romantic solitary author and providing a monopoly for his and his agents' financial recompense. A panel hosted by Anne McLaughlin MP at the Houses Of Parliament and chaired by Kwaku (convenor), consisting of Dr Enrico Bonadio (senior law lecturer and reggaephile), Awula Serwah (barrister and community activist) - more to be confirmedwill explore Copyright and related conventions and how it works in relation to African/black music, African culture and artefacts from a global South and left focus. Click here to book.

This extra Talking Copyright offer is part of the Vinyl Memories: Talking Classic BBM Albums programme, which ends with City University London Law School senior lecturer Dr Enrico Bonadio, a vinyl and reggaephile, providing a short presentation entitled 'The History of Phonograms and Its Impact on Copyright Law'. So if you're interested in Copyright/legal issues, you'll want to attend this presentation. And you are welcome to participate in the Vinyl Memories session. Oh, and you have a favourite British Black Music album cover or two, why not submit it in our Top 20 poll?

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