Friday, 23 October 2009

Copyright and A2K: a useful list

The abbreviation A2K is one with which not everyone is familiar: it stands for Access to Knowledge. In this context the 1709 Blog has just been introduced to Copyrightanda2kinfo, described by this blog's informant, Denise Nicholson (who runs the list) as
"a free online international Information Service covering various topics, including copyright, plagiarism and other IP matters, Open Access, open publishing, open learning resources, institutional repositories, scholarly communication, digitization and library matters, issues affecting access to knowledge (A2K), particularly in developing countries; WTO and WIPO treaties and matters; Free Trade Agreements and TRIPS Plus; useful websites, conference alerts, etc".
This looks pretty useful for people whose livelihood either depends on looking after their own copyright or advising others how to do so. The 1709 Blog welcomes users' comments.

More on the A2K movement can be found here.

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