Thursday 25 November 2010

"Food of Love", Part Two

The Music and IP Conference -- known
for its commitment to fun, fantasy and fiddling
Yesterday we published the first batch of "If music be the food of love ..." competition entries. Today we publish the rest.  So, "If music be the food of love, then copyright is ..."


… the salt that in judicious quantity heightens the enjoyment and in excess renders all unpalatable (Anthony Gallafent, Gallafents)

… the preservative (natural, organic preferably); Do not give me excess of it, but enough to encourage the musicians to play on... (Chris Rycroft, Lewis Silkin)

… the hotly debated E colouring within that food, a debate which is never far from the media’s eye (Ben Prangell, Shipley Solicitors)

 … the bright, red ketchup of creativity— a rich and popular source indeed! (Denise McFarland, 3 New Square)

… a bit like marmite: you either love it or hate it! ((i) Alex Freelove, Herbert Smith; (ii) Andrew Clemson, Cleveland)

… a farmer, who uses manure (traditional protection) and undoubtedly harmless chemical fertilizers (advanced protection, keeping the recent developments of technology in mind) instead of doubtful chemical fertilizers (too strong a protection, which hinders the broad public availability of copyrighted material), in order to grow the crops which provide the said food (Kunal Chandra Agrawal, National Law University, Jodhpur, India)

… dessert (Rebecca Dimaridis, Jeffrey Green Russell Solicitors

… the kitchen (Sunelle Geyer, Department of Mercantile Law, UNISA)

… the Tupperware we use to keep the mice off (nb. mouse can gnaw through current Tupperware thickness in 50 years, although there is some risk of European chefs inserting extra (albeit thinner) Tupperware inside all new and even existing products (Dave Sant, BBC Future Media & Technology)

… the way to feed the composer and spread the love (Mary Smillie, Bird & Bird LLP)


...its prophylactic (Nigel Urwin, Lee Bolton Monier-Williams)

... the fridge that preserves it for others to enjoy long past its sell by date (Ben Prangell, Shipley Solicitors)

... the recipe for love going insane (Aliki Foinikopoulou, Greece)

… the gastric bypass (James M. Dedman IV, Gallivan, White & Boyd, P.A.)


… the morning after (Steve Hartman, Novartis)

… probably the reason why I am fat and happy! (Andrew Clemson, Cleveland)

… the wise man's drug (Rebecca Dimaridis, Jeffrey Green Russell Solicitors)


… a madness most discreet, a choking gall and a preserving sweet (Désirée Fields, McDermott Will & Emery) [Says the IPKat, this looks like an elegant graft, a literary nod to Romeo & Juliet].  Well done, Désirée! Please get in touch so we can organise your prize, complimentary admission to the Music and IP Conference on Wednesday 8 December.

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