Friday 24 April 2015

World IP Day: "Don't Stop the Music"

This blogger's friends at HGF, an ambitious law firm full of intellectual property specialists, have come up with an attractive marketing ploy that can expect a wider circulation than the usual client seminars and cocktail invitations. In their own words:
With World Intellectual Property Day only a few days away on 26 April, HGF have created an interactive guide to the IP issues surrounding the publication and distribution of music through online platforms, with the aim of both educating artists and raising awareness of the potential IP issues that can arise within the industry. You can find the page here:
The link takes you through to "Don't Stop the Music", described as "A guide to intellectual property for musicians, bands & record labels in a connected world".  The guide, which is also a handy checklist of things that can wrong and which enthusiastic musicians and composers can easily overlook, is visually riveting, though it may not appeal greatly to people who are easily distracted from the written word by visual effects jumping around the page.

HGF say that they will also be promoting the event and interactive guide on social media, using the hashtag; #WorldIPDay, so you have been warned!

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Wow...... that's garish!!