Saturday 15 October 2016

News from CREATe: events and copyright education

CREATe, the RCUK Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in the Creative Economy at the School of Law - University of Glasgow, is organising a series of public lectures and PhD development workshops this autumn. 

The calendar can be viewed here.

In particular, CREATe public lecture series will investigate topical policy issues such as the EU Copyright Reform in a post Brexit environment, Open Access to scholarly publications and the press publisher right proposed in the Copyright in the Digital Single Market draft Directive. 

Attendance to the public lectures is free but subject to registration due to limited space availability.

The next event is scheduled for Wednesday October 19th when CREATe's Director, Prof. Martin Kretschmer, will deliver the inaugural lecture on the extremely current topic "EU Copyright Reform in a Brexit Environment"This lecture will investigate what a digital single market means in an interconnected world in which copyright still slices content by territory, and where the balance between artists, investors and users still reflects an analogue world of linear exploitation. Finally, the lecture turns to Brexit. Can the UK become a digital Island?

In addition, as is explained more at length here, CREATe is also delighted to announce the release of the second episode of the award-winning series The Game is On

Drawing inspiration from well-known copyright and public domain work, as well as recent copyright litigation, this series of short films provides a springboard for exploring key principles and ideas underpinning copyright law, creativity, and the limits of lawful appropriation and reuse. 

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