Friday 30 November 2012

PRS For Music Launches new Code of Conduct

PRS for Music, the not for profit organisation that represents 95,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in the UK, has launched a revised Code of Conduct for its members and over 350,000 existing customers. 

The code follows the British Copyright Council Principles of Good Governance for Collective Management Organisations and also takes into account the recently published Intellectual Property Office Minimum Standards for UK Collecting Societies (October 2012). It outlines how PRS for Music will seek to achieve best practice by "responding to the needs of members and licensees alike and conduct its licensing business fairly and transparently". Detailed in the code are commitments to: 

- Provide information about the general governance, licensing and membership activities of PRS for Music 
- Set standards of conduct that members and licensees can expect from the society 
- Set standards for transparency
- Outline the complaints procedure for members and customers 
-  Provide an independent ombudsman for complaint resolution 

The PRS say that the introduction of the Code follows a consultation period with members, customers groups, trade associations and other stakeholders. 

The PRS for Music Code of Conduct can be viewed at

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