Thursday 26 June 2014

Breaking news - boadcasters triumph in Aereo battle

On 25th June the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Aereo, the controversial streaming video service which used the much mentioned 'mini antennae' to deliver its service to paying customers - has violated US copyright laws by “capturing broadcast signals on miniature antennas and delivering them to subscribers for a fee.” The split court - in  a 6-3 decision - has handed down a decision which will prevent Aereo selling a service that allows its subscribers to watch television programs over the Internet at about the same time
as the programs are broadcast over the air agreeing that Aereo was infringing the broadcasters right to 'perform' their copyrighted works 'publicly'. The District Court has denied a preliminary injunction and the Second Circuit had affirmed. The decision has wide-ranging implications for the television industry: but it is a victory for current business models and will undoubtedly be seen a victory for the major television networks, which had argued that Aereo’s business model amounted to theft of their programming - and that Aereo 'performs' the works and doesn't merely provide equipment allowing others to so do.

I must be brief but the decision is here:

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