Wednesday 5 November 2014

Nothing but exceptional copyright exceptions: a new event for copyright enthusiasts!

What will happen to the existing set of copyright exceptions and limitations now that the new EU Commission has taken office? Will there be any actual review of EU copyright directives, notably the InfoSoc Directive and exceptions and limitations under its Article 5? And what about recent case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU): has there be any change in the overall approach of the Court towards exceptions and limitations? What do new UK copyright exceptions mean and what is their relationship with corresponding exceptions under the InfoSoc Directive?

I am organising and running a new 2-hour seminar in London entitled Nothing But Exceptional Copyright Exceptions, that will provide an opportunity to both discuss the above in detail – including the practical impact of developments at the EU level on UK exceptions and limitations – and highlight what issues in the sexy realm of exceptions and limitations might be addressed in the near future at the judicial, policy and legislative level.

Who thought that exceptions
could be THAT hilarious ...
With the overall focus being copyright exceptions and limitations at the EU and UK levels, topics will include:

  • Discussion of recent CJEU decisions in the area of exceptions and limitations, eg Case C-145/10 Painer (quotation), Case C-435/12 ACI Adam (private copying), Case C-360/13 PRCA (temporary copies), Case C-201/13 Deckmyn (parody), Case C-117/13 Ulmer (libraries, educational establishments, museums, archives), Opinion of Advocate General Cruz Villalon in Case C-463/12 Copydan Båndkopi (fair compensation for private copying and de minimis rule).
  • Discussion of new UK exceptions for private copying, parody, text and data mining, and broader exceptions for quotation, preservation and disabled people, as well as their relationship (and actual compatibility) with EU copyright provisions.
  • Policy activity of the past EU Commission, including the Public Consultation on the Review of EU Copyright Rules and relevant Responses, leaked draft Impact Assessment and White Paper, and the actual value of all this as a legacy for the new Commission.
  • Possible directions in the copyright policy of the new Commission as regards exceptions and limitations.

... Or THAT engaging?
Places are limited (with some tickets available for full time students), so to allow all participants to engage fully in the discussion about the present and future of copyright exceptions and limitations.

Given requests received in the past, there are also some tickets available for those who are interested in following the event in live streaming via YouTube or watch it at a later, more convenient, time.

The date is Friday 12 December, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm (followed by some drinks/nibbles to meditate further on copyright issues, yet in a more social fashion). The venue is the stunning London offices of RPC LLP. And speaking of RPC, associate Adam Cusworth will contribute with a short presentation on an exception-related (of course: what else?) topic.

For further information and registration, just click here!

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