Monday 18 May 2015

WIPO Magazine takes a look at copyright

The current issue of the World Intellectual Property Organization's WIPO Magazine is unusually heavily loaded with current copyright issues.  This magazine is not a serious professional read but provides generally short and cheerfully uncomplicated views or overviews of topics that can be of substantial professional or political importance. The contents of the WIPO Magazine don't necessarily endorse any official WIPO view of copyright, or any other IP right, but nor do they generally reflect views that are inimical to the range of positions taken by that organisation.

The first four features in this issue (officially dated April but released in May) go as follows:
  • Streaming and Copyright: a Recording Industry Perspective (here)
  • Safeguarding the Income of Musicians (here)
  • Music and the Movies: an Interview with Randall Poster (here)
  • Beastie Boys Verdict Underscores the Importance of Clearing IP Rights (here)
There could have been a fifth, but 3-D Printing is Here to Stay! (here) didn't mention copyright at all: instead, it focused on the first live concert played by musicians using instruments created by 3-D printing (a sample of which can be seen on the right)..

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