Monday 29 June 2015

CopyCamp 2015 calls for papers

The 1709 Blog has learned that the Modern Poland Foundation has launched an Open Call for Speakers for the Fourth International CopyCamp Conference taking place on 4 November 2015 in Warsaw. If you are not familiar with CopyCamp (which has featured in earlier 1709 Blog posts here), let the organisers explain:
Good news for campers: the rain doesn't last
as long as the period of copyright
protection for authors' works ...
The International CopyCamp Conference is the first Central-and-Eastern European annual event to undertake a multi-sided, balanced and unrestrained discussion on the social impacts of copyright. Every year representatives of cultural institutions and private sector, administration and the media, artists, activists, politicians and academics meet in Warsaw to discuss the influence of copyright law on the circulation of cultural goods, new business models for authors' remuneration, use of technologies in social activism, importance of copyright in the context of human rights, modern education, innovation. The fourth edition of the conference will present an opportunity to continue the dynamic debate characterized by high standards of communication and openness to the input from all interested parties in a neutral and friendly conference space encouraging participants from all over the world to network and share ideas.

We are happy to announce that our special guest this year will be Lev Manovich, theoretician and critic of new media, visual artist, professor at City University of New York and founder of the Software Studies Initiative, author of The Language of New Media.
Presentation proposals must be submitted in the form of an abstract of no more than 1,800 characters under one of the enlisted thematic tracks that characterize this year’s conference:
  • CopyArt
  • Models of Remuneration
  • Copyright and Education
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Copyright and Human Rights
  • Technologies in social activism
  • Copyright Enforcement
  • Future of Copyright
  • Copyright Debate
If you want to speak, click here. Your presentation should not exceed 10 minutes. The Open Call deadline expires on 20 July 2015.

For more information, click here or contact the CopyCamp Coordinator Marta Skotnicka by email here.

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