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Easter COPYKAT Part 1 - upcoming events

GS Media Event: 24 April 2017 at the University of Southampton School of Law

GS Media and the evolving linking regime – Did we just wreck the Internet?

You are warmly invited to attend a guest lecture by Antti Härmänmaa, head of IPR at Sanoma, on the 24 April at the University of Southampton School of Law, kindly hosted by Eleonora Rosati. Antti Härmänmaa will provide his expert insight regarding the current CJEU jurisprudence relating to linking. If you wish to attend, please contact Eleonora Rosati at

On 8 September 2016 the Court of Justice of the European Union gave its long-anticipated decision in the case GS Media BV v Sanoma Media Netherlands BV and Others (the “GS Media case”), the latest episode in the line of hyperlinking cases, a subset of the convoluted CJEU case law concerning communication to the public under the InfoSoc Directive.

Introducing a new test for linker liability, and applying this test in the case, the court’s finding was that GS Media had effected a communication to the public. As instructed by the court, we now know that hyperlinking to protected freely available works can, in deed, constitute copyright infringement if certain conditions are met.

What were the circumstances that led to the court case? Has the risk of copyright infringement by content creators, internet users and publishers increased as consequence of the decision? And is the law concerning hyperlinking now finally settled?

These are some of the topics that will be discussed in the guest lecture by Antti Härmänmaa, head of IPR at Sanoma on the 24th of April at the University of Southampton School of Law. If you would like to attend what promises to be an excellent informational session, please contact Eleonora Rosati at

European Copyright Society Conference – Friday 12 May, SciencesPo

The European Copyright is holding a conference entitled ‘Building a EU unitary copyright’ on Friday 12 May at SciencesPo, Auditorium Caquot, Paris.

Information from the conference webpage states that “The Conference aims at launching the debate and laying the foundations for the construction of an EU unitary Copyright. It seeks to explore several key issues surrounding the construction of a unitary Copyright including the creation of a Copyright ‘title’, means of bridging the common law Copyright tradition and the civil law droit d’auteur traditions, cumulation or substitution as regards national copyrights, enforcement mechanisms including the judiciary system and the formulation of its substantive content (i.e. ownership, rights, exceptions and limitations, contractual protection of authors etc.).”

Registration for the event can be found here.

CREATe IP Summer Summit 2017 (26 – 30 June) – University of Glasgow

You are warmly invited to participate in the upcoming CREATe IP Summer Summit. The theme this year is ‘Open Science and Open Culture’ with a special focus on development in the Global South. The summit will take place between Monday 26 – Friday 30 June 2017 at the University of Glasgow.

Sessions will include: 
  • Openness and IP: Where are we today? – Martin Kretschmer (University of Glasgow)
  • Open policy making in the cultural space in UK – Margaret Haig (UK IPO)
  • Enabling Open Science through Open Access Licences – Thomas Margoni (University of Glasgow) 
  • Is ‘open’ the only alternative to closed, traditional IP? How about a mixed approach, learning from business and strategy? – Sukhpreet Singh (University of Glasgow)

Who is this summit meant for?

CIPSS’17 is aimed at students, industry professionals, and the public sector.

-      Students may be postgraduates, PhDs or postdoctoral researchers, having an interest in ‘openness’.
-      Industry professionals can be from the commercial or the not-for-profit sector, the sharing economy, or NGOs working in this field.
-      The public sector can include government officials such as civil servants and policy makers, whose job requires them to have an understanding of how ‘openness’ interacts with the international IP regime.

For more information on the Summit, please visit its webpage.

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