Sunday 18 April 2010 - a Twitter moneyspinner is a new site that allows you to turn your Twitter feed into a newspaper. Where a tweet hyperlinks to another site, displays the entire article without redirecting you to the source - which gets no traffic or advertising revenue. A news-reporting copyright exception seems ambitious - apart from anything else, the articles aren't all news stories. (For what it's worth, the user terms are governed by Swiss law.)

The 'Daily on Twitter' newspapers are covered in advertising (supplied by Google). ' is not affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by Twitter', which presumably means they don't make anything out of this either.

Can last long enough to be tomorrow's fish 'n' chips wrapper?


Anonymous said...

A vast majority of news sites and blogs have RSS - so reading content of these sites elsewhere, i.e. on RSS readers such as Google Reader, has been a reality for years already...why the fuss for this approach, which is just another way to present articles already avalaible through numerous RSS feeds?

Unknown said...


Sorry for posting this here, but I don't have all of your email addresses. Could you please read and respond to:

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