Wednesday 12 October 2011

It may be another MediaCAT: can you help?

It seems that the notorious MediaCAT-type copyright infringement action (on which see earlier 1709 Blog posts here and here) may not yet be extinct. Golden Eye (International) Limited v Mohamed Maricar [2011] EWPCC 27 is an ongoing copyright infringement action before the Patents County Court, England and Wales, before Judge Colin Birss QC, for which a day in court has been scheduled for 9 December. According to Judge Birss QC,
"Right away it will be seen that these claims bear some striking similarities to the claims in the litigation concerning the company Media CAT Ltd, the subject of my judgment Media CAT v Adams [2011] EWPCC 6. However I should also make clear that there may very well be important differences between the present cases and the Media CAT cases. At this stage I do not know".
Mr Maricar, who has been receiving assistance from a legal advice clinic, is in need of some pro bono assistance, ideally from someone who has a clue about IP litigation. If you may be that person, can you please email Kingsley Egbuonu here and let him know.

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