Thursday 27 September 2012

Declaration on Private Copying Remuneration

A number of creative industry trade bodies have signed a declaration calling on European politicians  to ensure that 'private copying remuneration' - levies - remain part of the copyright system in European countries where a private copy right exists, to compensate rights owners for copying for personal use.

European Commissioner Michel Barnier has appointed a mediator to discuss the matter with all stakeholders in Europe, and propose some long-term solutions which has seemingly prompted the creative industries, including EuroCinema, EVA (Europan Visual Arts), independent record label association IMPALA, FSE (Federation of Screenwiters in Europe) and musicians trade body FIM, to issue their statement saying:

"Rightsholders have always been and remain willing to discuss ways of making the system work better for everyone. This compensation for hundreds of thousands of creators across Europe has not hampered device sales in countries where it is applied. Our members do not understand the heavy lobbying of electronics manufacturers to abolish this remuneration system, which, although perhaps not entirely perfect (and we, the undersigned, are open to discussions on how to improve it), clearly achieves its objectives. Consumers are able to copy legally onto and between their different devices and creators are remunerated for such uses". "The undersigned organisations, representing authors, performers and producers of musical, audiovisual, literary and visual arts works, declare the following: 

* Rightsholders have a right to authorise all reproduction of their works but have accepted reasonable exceptions to this right in the interest of the public and practicality provided they received remuneration for such acts. 

* Rightsholders deserve to be fairly and proportionally remunerated for their work and all uses thereof. 

* Private copying generates an essential part of rightsholders' remuneration. 

* Remuneration payable on the copying media and devices is the best way of linking the act of making private copies to the payment of remuneration to rightsholders. 

* The current remuneration system, as applied in most European countries, is not intrusive and preserves the privacy of consumers". 

You can read the full declaration at

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