Wednesday 19 September 2012

The 1709 Blog's Christian Grey poll results

Michael blushes as he is told that copyright enthusiasts love him 
Following last week's post on potential moral rights concerns relating to the Italian translation of the Fifty Shades trilogy and other IP issues surrounding EL James's best-selling books, The 1709 Blog launched a very serious poll aimed at gathering its readers' views on derivative works or - to be slightly more precise - on who should play the part of enigmatic Christian Grey when Fifty Shades of Grey is filmed. 
The poll closed last night and the results show a clear victory for Hunger and Shame lead actor Michael Fassbender (who received a total of 16 votes), followed by Ryan Gosling (8 votes), Henry Cavill (6 votes), Christian Bale (5 votes) and Matt Bomer (1 vote).
This blogger is pleased with the results and thinks that Michael would make a perfect Christian Grey.
Now the discussion is open as to who should play Anastasia SteeleShe is supposed to look like a 22-year-old pale brunette with a slender figure. Any ideas as to who could play her?    


GrahamT said...

Has to be Emma Watson!

Edie said...

Alexandra Daddario!

Anonymous said...

Emily Blunt