Monday 7 October 2013

And the winners of the Copyright Katcontest are...

Aislinn O'Connell
The quick Katcontest launched last Wednesday to select two young copyright enthusiasts to attend the forthcoming London Copyright and Technology Conference for free attracted more than 40 entries from gifted poets, both under 33 (eligible for the competition) and over 33 (eligible for some poetry-related fun), who completed the following stanza in truly original and amusing ways:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Copyright is ...

Dominik Niedersüss
It was not easy to pick the winners, although eventually a decision had to be made.

As announced on the IPKatthe two enthusiastic copyright lovers who will attend the Conference for free are 23-year-old Aislinn O'Connell, a PhD student at University College London, and 30-year-old Dominik Niedersüss, an LLM student at the Munich Intellectual Property Law Centre.

Congratulations to Aislinn and Dominik for their greatly appreciated creative efforts and thanks to all those who took part in the IPKat/1709 Blog poetry competition!

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