Friday 22 November 2013

Orphans and legitimacy revisited: here's a poll

Last Sunday I innocently posted a short note telling readers that my blogging colleague Eleonora had just published an article in the European Intellectual Property Review in which she cast some doubt on the compatibility of the framework for legislating on orphan works in the UK with the Orphan Works Directive and sundry other items of more-than-just-the-UK legislation.  This post has received an unprecedented volume of comments from readers, which has in turn prompted us to run a readers' poll which asks:
"Does the EU's Orphan Works Directive leave Member States completely free to legislate autonomously in the area of orphan works?"
This poll is a joint venture between the 1709 Blog and the IPKat (who is hosting the poll at the top of his home page sidebar). This morning's IPKat carries an explanatory post that discusses the issues in greater detail. If you are new to this debate, or are unsure what it entails, you may find that post helpful.

The poll closes on 15 December. Do participate, please!

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