Monday 11 November 2013

The Case of Text and Data Mining

A reminder that the text and data mining event, which Eleonora recently mentioned, is taking place tomorrow in Brussels.

Nearly a year ago a number of MEPs co-signed a letter to President Barroso on the need to reform the Information Society Directive. The Commission's response was Licences for Europe, an initiative which sought "to deliver rapid progress in bringing content online through practical industry-led solutions". Tomorrow's event has been set up to continue the discussion on copyright reform in Europe, focussing on text and data mining.

The event will bring together MEPs, NGOs, industry representatives, policy experts and will be moderated by Eleonora.

The first panel session, entitled Research & Innovation: The Potential of Text & Data Mining for Europe, will see Mr Niluka Satharasinghe, co-founder Sparrho, a UK start-up that created a platform for discovery of scientific information, Mr John McNaught, Deputy Director UK National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM) and Mr Wilfried Rütten, Director European Journalism Centre present on the uses of text and data mining in research and innovation.

The second, "The Legal Question Marks & The Way Ahead" will consider the legal challenges faced when using text and data mining techniques and the way ahead. The panel will consist of Ms Anne Bergman-Tahon, Director Federation of European Publishers, the umbrella association of book publishers’ associations, Mr Brian Hole, Founder Ubiquity Press, a publisher specialised in open access academic journals and open data, and Mr Mathias Schindler, Project Manager Wikimedia, a global movement aiming to bring free educational content to the world.
The event promises an interesting discussion on important and topical issues. For those who can't attend, the event will be streamed live.

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