Wednesday 22 January 2014

Copyright conference to be held in the Neuadd !!

The Neaudd
Following the recent tribunal ruling in the dispute between the BBC and Eos (the broadcasting rights agency for Welsh musicians and publishers) so eloquently blogged by Ben here, Bangor University Law School, North Wales, is holding a conference entitled ‘Protecting and collecting: 21st century copyright and minority languages’. The venue is the Neuadd Reichel and the date is 13 February 2014. It's an all-day affair, running from 9.30am-4.00pm, and it is a wonderful chance to discuss music copyright law and its impact on minority cultures.

Guest speakers are Professor Ian Hargreaves (Cardiff University), Gwion Lewis (Eos Barrister), John Hywel Morris (PRS for Music), Kalev Rattus (EAU Estonia), Mark Hyland (Bangor University Law School), Geian ap Rhisiart (Bangor University) and Steffan Thomas (Bangor University). Admission is free, the main cost being that of getting there in the first place. Once there, however, a feast of tropical topical law (and a free lunch) awaits you. To register, just email 


Anonymous said...

Minor quibble - it's "Neuadd" (Welsh for "Hall", pronounced "nay-ath" with a soft "th" as in "the") not Neaudd (not Welsh for anything as far as I know.)



Jeremy said...

Thanks, Nia! I've corrected the text accordingly.