Thursday 6 February 2014

New DCE for IPO: a Ros by any other name

Not quite the right person ...
Just received from UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) Chief Executive John Alty is the following notice:
Ed Quilty informed you last month that he was leaving the IPO and said we would let you know when arrangements were in place for his successor.

I'm pleased to tell you that Dr Ros Lynch will be taking up the post of Director of Copyright and Enforcement at the Intellectual Property Office, with effect from 27 February.

I think a number of you will know Ros, who worked with Richard Hooper on the report into copyright licensing which led to the creation of the Copyright Hub and other initiatives being taken forward by industry to improve licensing arrangements. Ros was the first CEO of the Hub and brings that knowledge and experience with her into this role. Prior to that Ros worked within BIS and the Communities and Local Government Department on issues ranging from skills policy to local government finance.
The 1709 Blog wishes Ros the best of luck in her new role, noting that this means that there will be a new job going at the Copyright Hub for an appropriately qualified person.  Don't try looking for Ros on Google unless you're prepared to be patient: the world's favourite defendant search engine will assume that you are looking for Ross Lynch (above right) and give you 312 million pages relating to him.

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Googling gets you the right individual... ;-)