Tuesday 11 March 2014

Canadian Copyright Law

Canadian Copyright Law, Fourth Edition, by Lesley Ellen Harris, has recently been published and may be of interest to the Canadian readers of this blog. The book covers the basics (and more) of Canadian copyright law. It bills itself as "The indispensable guide for publishers, web professionals, writers, artists, filmmakers, teachers, librarians, archivists, curators, lawyers and businesspeople" and this blogger would tend to agree. The book provides a good overview of copyright in Canada and its straightforward easy-to-digest writing will appeal to non-lawyers with an interest in copyright law as well as students grappling with the subject for the first time.

The appendices contain some helpful extracts, including the forms required to apply for copyright clearance, and the book also contains a table summarising the main IP rights in Canada, which non-lawyers, or indeed IP lawyers from other jurisdictions will find useful.

If you are battling with Canadian copyright law for the first time I would recommend starting with this book!

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