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The textual account of copyright is complemented by graphics
that reflect the topic covered: this is "Criticism and Review" ...
"New online resource to make copyright law more accessible to creators and the public" is the title of a media release received yesterday from Bournemouth University which makes fascinating reading.  Here, in relevant part, is what it says:
" ... A new online resource aims to make copyright law more accessible for creators and the public, through sharing and presenting it in an engaging and easily understandable way. is an independent online resource that is meant for everyone who uses copyright works, such as small businesses and people working in the creative industries. It has been developed by the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management (CIPPM) at Bournemouth University and the CREATe research centre, based at the University of Glasgow.

The site uses user-friendly texts produced by leading academics, as well as compelling illustrations, motion graphics videos and video interviews with creators to provide the often complex information in a balanced and accessible way. ...

“This is particularly true for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well as media professionals such as musicians, filmmakers, performers, writers, visual artists and interactive developers, amongst others. Our goal is to inform such creators and users of copyright about how to protect their work, how to license and exploit it, and how to legally re-use the work of others.”
... and this is "Parody and Pastiche" will also be updated regularly to reflect changes to UK copyright law, keeping users informed about what they can or cannot do under the current copyright legislation. ...

Bartolomeo Meletti, lead producer of, said:
“Much of copyright is up to different interpretations with technology leading the debate and the law catching up on a case by case basis. provides accurate and authoritative guidance on copyright law to help creators understand their rights.” ..."
This blogger has spent a bit of time sampling the text and must confess that he likes what he sees.  While no two copyright lawyers will totally agree on what the law means, this UK-based set of guidelines is drafted in a responsibly cautious manner. The text is refreshingly simple to understand, and the graphics are a delight. While its guidance is unlikely to land many people in court, should keep plenty of them out of it, and it is also a handy thing for prospective small litigants to read ahead of any meeting they may have with their lawyers since it is designed to produce a positive and familiarising effect.  The site could do with a counter, since users will become more confident about consulting it if they see that lots of other people are doing likewise.

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