Thursday 26 November 2015


Just a short note to say I'm retiring and hanging up my 1709 Blogging boots. It's been great fun and I shall miss you all!

Do please continue to give this wonderful blog your full support.


Howard Knopf said...

Dearest Jeremy:

Say it isn't so.....

Hopefully, this is a crude attention-seeking "cris de coeur".

If you were a cat, I'd scratch you behind the ear and under the chin and comb your hair.

And offer you a cat "treaty", such as TTP, TTIP, CETA, etc.

How delectable?

Please, say it isn't so.....



Anonymous said...

As you know I thoroughly disapprove of this idea of early retirement when you are at the height of your game. But like a good actor I 'm sure you want to leave the stage while the audience is begging for more.
Many heartfelt thanks for your unstinting support and encouragement and I hope you will have a long and enjoyable retirement, alternately wrestling with Aramaic texts and grand children.