Wednesday 22 September 2010

Pirates sunk in Sweden

After a spectacular showing in the European elections in 2009, the Pirate Party has done woefully in national elections in Sweden taking just 0.7% of the vote, a 90% slump in a year, according to exit polls. They will not be awarded any seats having failed to reach the 4% threshold needed for seats. In the European elections they gained 2 MEPs. The chief Pirate, Rick Falkvinge, told Torrentfreak "The Swedish Pirate Party did its best election campaign ever. We had more media, more articles, more debates, more ... flyers than ever. Unfortunately, the wind was not in our sails this time, as it was with the European elections," adding "The other parties had put a collective blanket over the privacy, culture and knowledge issues, as they had absolutely nothing to gain by even mentioning the issues" and concluding with "If the wind is not in your sails, the sweat on your brow will still not steer the ship. I guess the most obvious example is how the appellate trial of The Pirate Bay will begin just nine days after the election."

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