Tuesday 5 April 2011

Logo competition

The deadline for entries to the 1709 Blog competition to choose a new logo passed last night.  We received two entries that were truly logos, which are portrayed here, as well as some hilarious sketches from Claudia Roggero which, if she permits, we hope to use one day as illustrations when an appropriate article arises.   Anyway, the "1709" roundel comes from Abel & Imray's James Legg and the 17:09 clock motif comes from David Brophy (FRKelly). Each would be a worthy successor to Queen Anne, who is looking a little blogged out and definitely needs a break.

At the top of the 1709 Blog's side bar you'll find a poll which will enable you to vote for your preference.  Do take the trouble to vote -- the appearance of this blog depends on you!


John R walker said...

jeremy may I modestly propose a theme song ( and great costume theme) for the launch of the good ship?
The song is
Kid creole and the coconuts ' life boat party'

Crosbie Fitch said...

Well, that's just it isn't it? At over three hundred years old this anachronism is like an oil painting next to a 3D plasma display, or, if you prefer car analogies, a red flag in front of a Prius.

You may as well have a skeletal horse for a logo, and a plaque "1709 - Born. Died. Flogged. Raised. Flogged harder. Zombified. Flogged harder still. Abolished 20__?"

A 1709 blog wishing to 'modernise its image' to distance itself from its antique origins whilst still covering the depredations of the very same antique privilege seems to hint at a deep internal conflict.

You may even consider a logo depicting a highly polished coprolite. After all, that's what you're dealing with.

giovanna melito said...

jeremy thanks for your comment. for sure you can use my sketches.

John R walker said...

jeremy the reference to the song was meant as a compliment- we are all in a lifeboat - some do it with style and ironic wit .

James L said...

It looks like we have a worthy winner - beautifully executed and packed full of secondary allusion!