Friday 1 March 2013

BIS paper explains upcoming UK copyright reform

Burt's so embarassed for having
ignored the BIS paper that
he will be
spending the entire weekend this way
From 1709 Blog and IPKat's friend Chris Torrero comes news of a policy paper which the UK Department for Business Innovation & Skills released in January last, but which did not receive appropriate blogging attention at that time. 

The paper accompanies the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill (ERRB), which was introduced into the House of Lords on 18 October 2012 following its passage through the House of Commons.

The document is aimed at setting out why the UK Government is undertaking the measures contained in this bill, and explaining what each measure intends to achieve.

As UK-based 1709 Blog readers will be aware of, the ERRB contains provisions which, if approved, will introduce changes into UK copyright law, which would be compliant with the recommendations contained in the Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property and Growth. Aside from proposals which follow on from the Hargreaves Review, the Bill also contains provisions to update the UK’s copyright legislation in line with the rest of the EU (eg by introducing a private copying exception).

The part devoted to copyright starts at page 26 of the paper.

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Anonymous said...

The power to add or change exceptions to copyright or rights in performances is noted (proposed s.67). Assume this power will be exercised and will help the UK bring its exceptions in the CDPA in line with EU law