Thursday 11 April 2013

iCopyright: what do you know?

This blogger received today an email introducing him to iCopyright, the website for which you can check out for yourself here.  Having not come across iCopyright before, he wonders whether readers of the 1709 Blog might be familiar with it and/or may have tried its digital tagging services, digital licensing tools and the rest of the package. From the copyright notice, it appears that iCopyright has been around since 2010 so it must presumably have some track record. For the record, its home page carries the following message:
"A digital content world requires a new toolkit. Build in copyright protection – and much more.

The iCopyright Toolbar adds built-in copyright protection to every article or blog post. When readers click the toolbar, a digital “tag” ensures that your © follows your content across the web.

The toolbar also has built-in licensing and syndication tools, to turn your best content into dollars, when a link isn’t enough. Even tracks down content piracy, with our optional Discovery duplicate content monitoring service.

31 million articles and blog posts already have the FREE iCopyright toolbar. Install the toolbar, today".
If you have any knowledge or experience of iCopyright, do post your comment below.

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Unknown said...

Hi, Jeremy. I work with Rhonda and iCopyright and we've been keeping an eye on the comments. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the exposure on your blog. We much appreciate it. iCopyright was originally created for traditional publishers - mostly in the U.S. and Canada - facing the challenge of protecting the copyright of content they bring online as well as handling licensing and syndication in the digital landscape. Many of the features of their toolbar also have application for bloggers. So we've recently begun reaching out to the blogging community to introduce the toolbar and to spread the word about the importance of protecting the content they work so hard to create. Your post will help in that regard. Let's stay in touch.