Tuesday 23 April 2013

New UK Regulations on Legal Deposit of Non-Print Works

Our friend Graham Titley (Information Specialist, Technology and Information Services, at Plymouth University) kindly prodded this blogger a little while ago with news of the Legal Deposit Libraries (Non-Print Works) Regulations 2013 (2013 No.777), a fresh piece of subordinate UK legislation and another component of the patchwork quilt that is British copyright law.

These Regulations, which you can read in full here, carry some curious exemptions in favour of new businesses and micro-businesses. You can check out the Regulations' explanatory note here. They came into force on 6 April, this being one day after the day on which they were made. Pedants will note, some no doubt with satisfaction, that the Regulations spell "internet" with an initial lower case "i", presumably since it isn't a place name ...

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