Thursday 25 July 2013

Collective rights management in the UK: can you help?

Asking questions, but is "Beethoven!" the (only) answer?
1709 Blog's friend and esteemed academic Prof Estelle Derclaye is conducting research in the exciting field of collective rights management and would be grateful if readers could help her addressing a few points by providing some insider information.

Estelle's main question is the following:

Is collective negotiation a common practice in the UK as regards creators? If so, what are the existing agreements (collective bargaining agreements, framework contracts, Memorandum of Understanding, etc), their legal effects (mandatory/voluntary, extended) and their scope?

Also, do you have any practical information about:
  • The articulation between waivers (or legal presumption of waivers) to exploiters and collective management;
  • Dual licensing in the hypothesis of CMO membership;
  • The problem of the so-called buy-out contracts and creators’ remuneration.

You can deliver your help by email to estelle.derclaye{at} Estelle needs the answers by 2nd August. This means that you have just a few days to tell her everything you know about UK collective rights management.

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Snoopy said...

It's lucky that Beethoven is out of copyright so you can get to use that Peanuts cartoon!