Friday 13 March 2015

Copyright Aware - BBC contributes to copyright education

Let's hear it for the BBC, who this week launched a new website, Copyright Aware, highlighting and explaining the subject of copyright to everyone.

Here at 1709, we think that the more exposure people have to the concepts of copyright the better - and in the BBC's case, this involves some rather nifty little films involving explanations of copyright as well as some useful text-based context (pointing, for example, to the scale of the creative industries in the UK).   

Go on the site, watch the films, tell your friends!

As the BBC says in its press release:
"With increasing numbers of people of all ages producing and sharing content online – whether that be photos, videos, blogs and other creative works that are protected by copyright law, the [Copyright Aware] site aims to educate and demystify the subject through a series of videos and practical tools.    
By breaking up the subject of copyright into simple parts that answers basic questions - while also tackling some more advanced concepts like the exceptions to copyright law or how to protect your own work – the site will give all creators of content an awareness and understanding of copyright and the benefits it provides in the digital age.
The site will also serve as an effective resource in the fight against copyright infringement, adopting a facilitating tone, focusing on the individual and their creative efforts and by doing so, hopes that consumers and creators will deal more consciously and responsibly with creative works, recognising the effort and skill that has gone into producing them."
Bal Samra, Commercial Director of the BBC, welcoming the launch of the site said, 
We recognise that our audiences are increasingly producers of copyright, taking photos and shooting films on their phones and sharing those widely online.  We designed the site to help them understand why copyright is relevant to them and to deal more responsibly with the creative works of others which in turn helps support our industry and fund the creation of new creative works for us all to enjoy.” 

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