Friday 13 March 2015

Your chance to shape a copyright event

Bill Rosenblatt, who runs the very fine Copyright and Technology blog, surveying the world of Copyright and Technology from a New York base but with a global perspective, has just published the date and call for ideas for this year's Copyright and Technology London event, taking place on 18 June (not the October of last year).

Last year, both 1709 (in the person of John Enser) and the IPKat (in the person of Eleonora) chaired panels and can vouch for the excellence of the event, so if you would like to have a say in this year's topics, head over to Bill's site and submit your suggestions.

Ideas on the list so far include:
  • Implications of the “Blurred Lines” decision on copyright in the age of sampling and remix culture 
  • The use of digital watermarking throughout the media value chain 
  • Progress of the UK Copyright Hub, Linked Content Coalition, and other initiatives for centralizing copyright information online 
  • Content protection technologies for browser-base over-the-top streaming video 
  • Progress of graduated response schemes in France, UK, Ireland, and elsewhere
but it is not a closed list.

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