Monday 30 March 2015 is reaching out ... to you

Melissa from has written to us to say that she wants to reach out and share a resource that "specifically helps students to understand copyright and the Digital Millenium Copyright Act" -- so if you are inclined towards the United States version of copyright (and that's something we can't escape for long) you might want to investigate Melissa's links.

One is described as the "Ultimate Guide to Copyright for Students" (here)
The other is billed as the "Ultimate DMCA Guide for Students" (here) is described by Wikipedia as
"a commercial website providing a web hosting search tool and also reviews and thematic comparisons of hosting providers who pay to have their services advertised. It was launched in 2007 by Stan Schroeder and Gordan Orlic and it was acquired in 2008 by London-based Quality Nonsense Ltd, with a subsequent redesign and addition of new features".
Readers are invited to inspect these links and form their own conclusions. Whether you like the text or not, it's hugely more readable than most copyright statute law.

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