Friday 9 September 2016

Post Mortem Auctoris: Copyright and Estate Planning

UCL/IBIL are offering a two day course aimed at young lawyers  (2 to 5 years qualified) and small to medium sized practices, focusing on sharing practical knowledge that would make estate planning and probate more streamlined and effective for clients and for the beneficiaries of estates - with a specific emphasis on intellectual property 

The practical two day guide for private client practitioners will take place on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th February 2017 at the Institute of Brand and Innovation Law, Faculty of Laws, University College London. 

Topics which will be covered within this fascinating two day course include Copyright: What Lives On and for How Long?, Estate Planning in a Global marketplace, Managing an Art Estate, Auditing Rights Owners  and Valuation of Copyright Works, and Artistic works: Licensing and Re-sale - and will also extend to revenue administration for artistic works, musical works, sound recordings, audio-visual works, literary works, actors, musicians and the film crafts,  to the role of literary executors and issues including moral rights, endorsements and adaptations, and preserving and protecting the reputation of the deceased.

Panellists and speakers include: Alan Brodie, the eponymous founder of the respected London literary agency, Alan Brodie Representation; Margaret Haig,  Head of Copyright Delivery, the UK Intellectual Property Office; Amanda Harcourt, the independent IP consultant and academic who has worked with many of the worlds leading performers; Barrister and film producer Keith Northrop who has worked extensively with film producers, financiers and distributors, both domestically and internationally: Qualified accountant David Ravden, now a consultant  providing extensive industry knowledge, expertise and commercial strategic advice; Christian Zimmerman, Legal Director and Deputy COO, Design and Artists’ Copyright Society (DACS); Archivist Anthony Penrose, film maker, photographer, author, artist, curator, copyright licensor and CEO; Philip Partingtonan specialist IP litigator at Virtuoso Legal,  and music industry legend Pete Jenner who has managed Pink Floyd and the Clash amongst many many other successful artistes.

This course is a practical introduction for the private client lawyer to help them, on behalf of their clients, both in estate planning and in probate. Students will on completion have acquired a valuable understanding of dealings in copyright works and the revenues that copyright can generate. 

Accreditation:  14.5 learning hours 

The application deadline is 9th December 2016, or earlier if fully booked before that date. The course fee is £830, plus VAT (Total, £996).

Contact: Lisa Penfold: Telephone: 020 3108 8508  Email:

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