Friday, 25 September 2009

Latest Copyright World

The rather slender September 2009 issue of Informa's 10-times-a-year Copyright World leads with an article on the theme of "carrot and stick", though the cover illustration, viewed at full size, appears to depict a carrot that has been hanged by the neck for some unspecified misdemeanour (unlawful file-sharing, perhaps?)

The cover story, it transpires, is a piece by Nigel Gilroy (Davenport Lyons) on how to best protect and monetise online rights. According to the abstract,
"Consumers and businesses around the world have undoubtedly enjoyed the benefits of the internet over recent years. However, these benefits have come at a price for rights owners, who find themselves in a constant battle with those who are happy to exploit intellectual property rights (IPRs) yet are unwilling to pay for the privilege".
Familiar story? Yes but, while the basic plot remains the same, each new court decision, lobby poturing and business plan provides a fresh new twist and provides a factual prism through which the 'where's the money?' and 'where's the enforcement?' issues can be reviewed/

Further details of Copyright World are available here.

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