Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Copyright and Copyleft -- a glimpse of the Futura

Thank you, Nia Roberts (Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru or, if you prefer, Welsh Assembly Government) for this link to Copyright and Copyleft Gloves. The text proclaims as follows:
"Do you find copyright law as confusing as figuring out which glove goes on which hand? If you do, then have I got the invention for you! I present to you now the Copyright and Copyleft gloves. With their unique integrated design, the Copyright and Copyleft Gloves both enable you to quickly differentiate left from right and familiarize yourself with the ongoing intellectual property debate. Never be confused again!

Make your own today! This project is in the Public Domain".
The site then provides a set of instructions for those who wish to make them. They're easy enough to follow, but you'll need a Singer Futura sewing machine ...

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