Tuesday 12 October 2010

Bits and pieces

A quick reminder: the "Music and Intellectual Property" conference, which CLT Conferences is running on 8 December in Central London, is filling up nicely.  Subtitled "Identifying, Protecting and Enforcing Rights in Music", the programme features a double input from the 1709 Blog: Ben Challis (General Counsel, Glastonbury Festivals Ltd) speaks on "The Glastonbury Tales: the Practicalities of Festival Life and IP", while Jeremy Phillips takes the chair for the day. You can see the full programme here.  The "If music be the food of love, then copyright is ..." competition has received some hilarious entries -- though not all of them will escape the censor, I'm afraid. Details of the competition, for which the prize is free admission to this conference, can be found here.  More conference details can be found here.

Copyright Clearance Center has expanded its presence in Europe, the better to meet the needs of multinational corporate customers with the opening of its European subsidiary, called RightsDirect. This entity is intended to enable rightsholders and users in Europe to have access to voluntary licensing systems that have been available in the US for many years. Its Multinational Licence includes the rights to share content worldwide from millions of information sources. You have been warned ...

"If you're goin' to San Francisco,
Be sure to wear a flower in your hair ..."
Meanwhile, let's not forget Creative Commons.  This organisation is offering a Senior Counsel position which may appeal to readers of this weblog.  In short, while the details sound very American, the position is open to non-American lawyers. Indeed, the 1709 Blog has been given to believe that someone with a good knowldege of EU database law [well, that should reduce the field a bit!] would be very helpful.  European attorneys who wish to apply do not need to have a JD ("Educational Requirements" heading) or be admitted to practice in the US ("Other Qualifications" heading) at the time of application. However, they must be eligible and willing to sit for the California Bar Exam within the next year, and must be willing to relocate to San Francisco for the position ("Job Environment" heading). Everything else on the job posting is the same.

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