Wednesday 27 October 2010

Meeting Alert!

The WIPO Global Meeting on Emerging Copyright Licensing Modalities focusing on "Facilitating Access to Culture in the Digital Age" will take place November 4 & 5 in Geneva.

According to WIPO's press announcement:

"The meeting will gather governments, national and international public institutions, academics and an array of stakeholders involved in different copyright licensing practices. The goal of the meeting is to raise the awareness of Member States on the complexities underlining a vast variety of licensing practices in different sectors, including the online market for music, the software industry and open access publishing. The target topics will be analyzed and discussed from an intellectual property and a competition law perspective."

WIPO Director General Francis Gurry (pictured, left) will address attendees at the Opening Ceremony and Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig will present the Keynote Address. The featured panels will be presented by many highly respected members of the global IP Community.

Registration is possible through this link. This blogger will be stateside at the time of the event; if you attend, please feel free to share your thoughts about the program in the comments section or via email.

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