Monday 26 August 2013

ALAI Study Days 2010 -- papers now published

ALAI Study Days 2010 Vienna - The Duration of Copyright and Related Rights has now been published by Medien und Recht. You can check out all the details here.  The contents are as follows:

The Duration of Copyright and Related Rights
- Michel Walter: Historical Perspectives regarding the Duration of Authors’ Rights
- Convergence of Term Systems (Introduction) (Engl./French/Span.)
- Silke von Lewinski: The Framework of the International Copyright Treaties and Comparative Overview of the Terms granted in National Law (General Report) (Engl./French/Span.)
The Proper Term of Protection of Authors’ Rights
- Carlos Fernándes Ballesteros: The Proper Term of Protection: 50 – 70 – or beyond? (Engl./French/Span.)
- Marshall Leaffer: The US Perspective – Eldred’s Progeny (Engl./French)
- Ejan Mackaay: The Economics of Life – Reflections on the Term of Copyright (Engl./French)
- Ysolde Gendreau: Termination of Contracts and Reversionary Right (Engl./French)
Related Rights’ Terms of Protection
- Thomas Dreier: Framework of the International Treaties and Comparative Overview of the Terms granted in National Law (General Report) (Engl./French/Span.)
- Shira Perlmutter: The European Commission’s Initiative: Concern of the (proposed) Term Extension – Status of Legislation (Engl./French)
- Bernd Hugenholtz: Fair Concern or Fruit of Industry Lobbying? (Engl./French)
- Tilo Gerlach: The Performing Artists’ View (Engl./French)
- Margarida Almeida Rocha: Balancing Author’s Rights and Neighbouring Rights (Engl./French)
- Abel Martín Villarejo: Scope of Extension – Audiovisual Artists (Engl./French/Span.)
- Pál Tomori: Transitional and Accompanying Provisions (Engl./French)
Further Approximation or Harmonization of the Duration of Authors’ Rights on the Regional and/or on the International Level
- Samuel Ricketson: Further Approximation (Minimum Term) or Need for Harmonization in the Digital Age? (Introduction) (Engl./French/Span.)
- Mira Sundara Rajan: Collaborative Works: The Complex Case of Copyright Term in Film (Engl./French)
- Astri M. Lund: War-related Extensions of Terms: A Possible Obstacle to Further Approximation of the Duration of Authors’ Rights? (Engl./French)
- Miyo Tonami: Moral Rights (Engl./French)
- Albrecht Haller: Posthumous Works between Authors’ Rights and Related Rights (Engl./French)
- Séverine Dusollier: Technical Measures and Duration of Authors’ Rights: A field of Conflict? (Engl./French)
Transitional Law and Prolongation of the Terms of Protection
- Mihály Ficsor: Article 18 of the Berne Convention and Section 514 of US Uruguay Round Agreement Act in the Light of the Golan case (Engl./French)
- Jane Ginsburg: The French Cour de Cassation reconciles Berne Convention Article 18 (1) and 5 (2) (Engl./French)
- Valérie-Laure Benabou: Transitional law and treatment of aliens – The European Court of Justice’s judgment in the “Sony/Falcon/Bob Dylan” case (Engl./French)
- Ramón Casas Vallés: Contracts Concluded and Prolongation of Protection – a Neglected Issue (Engl./French/Span.)
Domaine Public Payant and the Socio-Cultural Function of Authors’ Rights
- Delia Lipszyc: Different Systems of Domaine Public Payant (General Report) (Engl./French/Span.)
- Adolf Dietz: A Modern Concept for the Right of the Community of Authors and Performers (Paying Public Domain) (Engl./French/Span.)
- Igor Gliha: Domaine Public Payant – Few Doubts and Questions (Engl./French)
- Ryu Kojima: Duration of Copyright: From the Perspective of Cultural Policy (Engl./French)
- Gernot Graninger: The Socio-cultural Function of Collecting Societies (Engl./French)
- Gerhard Ruiss: What is to follow Expired Rights? (Engl./French)

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