Monday 19 August 2013

Does US fair use work better? Your (last) chance to have your say!

There is only ONE day left before The 1709 Blog/IPKat joint poll on open-ended US fair use defence closes. The question on which we are seeking your opinion is the following:

Do you think that the US fair use defence really makes a difference in terms of user freedoms?

You can respond even if you are on holiday. Just go to The 1709 Blog home page and choose one of the following options at the top of its sidebar:

a)   Absolutely! Fair use is the only option to ensure fair balance of interests between rightholders and users;

b)  Indeed it does: fair use unduly limits the rights of rightholders;

c)  Sometimes: fair use is especially useful when it comes to new technologies and problems;

d)  Not greatly: in terms of concrete outcomes, fair use is not that different from closed systems of exceptions and limitations.

Do let us and policymakers around the world (see here, here, here) know what you think of such an important copyright issue!

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