Saturday 31 May 2014

Copyright in Dublin: an event

Calling all copyright enthusiasts who will be in Dublin on 20 June 2014!

That day the Copyright Association of Ireland will run one of its popular “Updates” seminars. 

On that occasion I will have the honour and pleasure to join legendary Bob Clark [Professor Emeritus in Law at UCD and co-author of Intellectual Property Law in Ireland]. Bob will cover a range of copyright developments from common law jurisdictions, while I will look into recent EU copyright policy activity and topical decisions from everyone's favourite court, ie the Court of Justice of the European Union.

For further information and reserve your place, just click here.


Fred Logue said...

Your picture is quite offensive to Irish people. May I politely suggest you use a more appropriate one for this blog post.

Eleonora Rosati said...

Sorry Fred, I didnt find it an offensive image, but I followed your advice and replaced it. Thanks for suggesting it!