Monday 12 May 2014

New French Report on Tools to Combat Commercial Online Piracy

French Minister of Culture,
Aurélie Filippetti
Mireille Imbert-Quaretta, the president of the Rights Protection Commission (the body within HADOPI that takes action against individuals engaged in unlawful peer-to-peer activity under the so-called three strikes regime)  is scheduled today (May 12, 2014) to present her report on the tools to fight commercial online piracy to the Minister of Culture.

The Minister had tasked her in July 2013 with finding appropiate tools to effectively deal with technical and financial intermediaries in order to prevent and combat commercial online piracy. 

 According to press reports, among the Report's proposals are the following:

1.  The creation of a "prolonged withdrawal injunction" against pirated content.  This would be issued upon a request buy the rightsholders by an administrative body for a maximum duration of six months.

2.  As regards online advertising platforms and payment facilitators, the report advocates self-regulation, i.e., charters of good conduct. 
3.  The creation of a public information mission regarding sites that systematically violate copyright and the drawing up of a blacklist of such sites.
4. Reinforcing mechanisms to monitor compliance with court decisions against pirate sites.
As soon as a link to the full report becomes available, I'll post it.

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