Saturday 27 September 2014

Bugged out - one snappers battle against online piracy

A pollen covered bee by Alex Wild
There is a fascinating and well written blog on Ars Technica from a wildlife photographer called Alex Wild who photographs insects - successfully - and tries to make a living out of this. It shows the 'other side' of copyright infringement: not the mass piracy of music and films and the relative might the content industries wield both legally and politically in fighting back against this - but a talented guy who understands the internet, but wants fair recompense when others use his work commercially. With 300 comments - it seems to have touched a nerve. Bugging out: How rampant online piracy squashed one insect photographer is a good read, and a licensed gallery of Alex Wild's marvellous insect images can be found here.

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Ben said...

Another photographer comments in 'Is Etsy the New Silk Road for Copyright Infringement?' here