Monday 29 September 2014

Trawl for Tidy Transcript

Does any reader of this weblog have a copy of the full transcript of the judgment of Mr Justice Rattee in Tidy v Trustees of the Natural History Museum [1996] 39 IPR 501, a decision in which master cartoonist Bill Tidy failed to persuade the court that he was entitled to summary judgment in a claim that the reproduction of his cartoon sketches of dinosaurs in reduced size in a book constituted a distortion or was otherwise prejudicial to his honour or reputation?

If so, can he or she please get in touch with the 1709 Blog, or at least with blog team member Mira T. Sundara Rajan, who would like it for the LLM course she is preparing in International & Comparative Moral Rights.

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GrahamT said...

According to the case reporting in the journal European Intellectual Property Review 1996 18(3)D81-D82 this Chancery Division case is unreported in case reports or transcripts. (EIPR is in Westlaw)
Graham Titley Plymouth University