Tuesday 30 September 2014

International copyright framework: a chapter and a chance to comment

This blogger has just received news from his old friend and deeply respected colleague Paul Geller, who writes:
"Reaching the age of 75 earlier this year, I retired as General Editor of International Copyright Law and Practice but remain the author of the lead framework chapter of this treatise. At http://www.internationalcopyrightguide.com/, I've posted this entire chapter and my article on "How to ..." handle cross-border copyright cases. 
This pair of guides, the long and the short of the field, might be of interest to your readers".
Paul invites comments and criticisms which he will take into account when revising the chapter from year to year. So, if you would like to take him up on this invitation, he will be pleased to hear from you.

Good luck, Paul, on your retirement. We hope that our readers will keep you busily and fruitfully occupied for many a long year to come!

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