Monday 1 September 2014

Want to discuss how fabulous EU copyright is? Here's an event for you

Just back from summer holidays? 
With summer almost behind us (at least if you are based in the northern hemisphere), you certainly need something to cheer yourself up. 

Why not going for an afternoon of EU copyright discussion then?

On Wednesday, 24 September 2014 from 2 to 5 pm I am organising a new event entitled The fabulous world of EU copyright: what's (just) happened and what will be next

The focus of this seminar, which will be held somewhere in Central London, will be on recent judicial, policy and legislative activity in our beloved copyright world.

The past year alone has been in fact one of intense activity for EU copyright: the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has issued several copyright decisions and touched upon a number of topical issues, spanning from jurisdiction in online infringement cases to hyperlinking, from blocking injunctions to the notion of parody; the Commission has been busy consulting with interested stakeholders about possible reform interventions, while two draft key documents (the Impact Assessment and White Paper) have been leaked; the EU legislative has adopted a new directive on collective rights management.

This seminar will provide an opportunity to both discuss the above in detail, including the practical impact of EU developments on UK copyright, and highlight what issues might be addressed in the near future at the judicial, policy and legislative levels.  

Topics will include:
Not to worry:
it is still time to party
with EU copyright!
  • CJEU case law from the past year, including Case C-170/12 Pinckney, Case C-355/12 Nintendo, Case C-466/12 Svensson, Case C-351/12 OSA, Case C-314/12 TelekabelCase C-435/12 ACI Adam, Case C-360/13 MeltwaterCase C-201/13 Deckmyn [to be decided the day after tomorrow!]
  • Impact of CJEU case law on UK copyright, eg with regard to the new parody exception.
  • Policy activity of the EU Commission, including the Public Consultation and the relevant Responses, and the leaked draft Impact Assessment and White Paper [with regard to the latter: who knows, perhaps by 24 September there will be also an actual White Paper].
  • Directive 2014/26/EU and the future of collective rights management.
  • What to expect next, especially at the CJEU and Commission levels. 

Places are limited (with some tickets available for full time students) so to provide everybody with the opportunity to discuss fully the present and future of EU copyright law and policy. 

For further details and registration, just click here!

UPDATE: following some requests, it will be possible to follow the event in live streaming, too! Details still here.

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