Thursday 11 September 2014

Enabling access to the media: a new title

Enabling Access to the Media for All is a new title from the Council of Europe's European Audiovisual Observatory. According to its publisher,
In today’s ultra-connected world of smartphones, tablets and smart watches, it has never been more important to protect the rights of disabled members of our society to access audiovisual content. Indeed, barrier-free access to audiovisual content is paramount to our fundamental right to freedom of expression and information.
There are other countervailing rights, such as the right to the enjoyment of one's own property -- but this is not the place to mention them, nor is the Observatory the body responsible for them.  The publisher continues with some questions:
But how does guaranteeing maximum access work in practice? What steps have European lawmakers taken, and are taking, to ensure that the 15% of our society with some form of impairment can enjoy optimum access not only to traditional TV, but also the internet and the increasing number of on-demand services? The European Audiovisual Observatory, part of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, examines the current legal state of play in its latest report.
In its slender 43 pages this report is said to cover recent developments on broadcasting legislation concerning, among others, disabled people, covering Albania, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Romania and Slovakia.   Adds the website:
This brand new report’s Related Reporting offers a rich factual overview of recent developments on broadcasting and copyright legislation concerning people with disabilities, and of recent case law on media and disabilities.
More information is available here.

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